Surprised by HARO: help a reporter & a friend out

When I first heard about or HARO for short, I thought it might be a good service to check out for the brand communities I work with. What surprised me is what resulted after using it for a week. I found myself sending multiple story leads to friends in my network. I had signed up to find ways to promote my brands, but more than anything, it has turned out to be a valuable tool for my network.

Can you leverage world change?

We need our innovators, our big thinkers and experts in business, medicine, arts and every other sector of our society to take it upon themselves and change things. A nano-program is a great way to start. Can we afford to leave it up to our institutions to do it for us?

Move along, nothing to see here: what is your response to free promotion?

The businesses and connections in my network throughout the country are thrilled if you share their link, take a picture, leave a review (good or bad). They see it as free and sharable promotion. How wold you or your employees react if given the same opportunity?

The necessary all call: go ahead and use it

Yes “all calls” are annoying, when we can’t filter them out. We live near a car parts lot, and every day they used to make loud announcements from the classic horn. This became intrusive, if you were anywhere outside your house. I have not noticed it for a long time. It may be that I have just filtered it out.

Reengaging in conversation: It is still there, you’ve just lost it

Over the last few weeks I have seen noticeable drop in conversations on Twitter. At first I thought it was because people were not engaging as much. A few friends began to comment about the same issue. I began to wonder if it was not the result of us not engaging others first. After all, if we go to a party no one will talk back if all we do is listen to dozens of conversations and never engage.

iPad experience for community leaders: Better with each new discovery

Like many, I have been researching the iPad on it’s rumor filled journey to debut. As a web technology and community professional, I have been looking forward to the iPad to supplement my other productivity tools. I was not prepared for what the iPad would offer.

Chatting with Hemingway in your study..?

A few years ago authors never would have dreamed of interacting with readers outside of book tours, signings and readings. Now authors and readers are communicating via many formats.

Who is defining new media Shorty?

Last year the Shorty awards began to swell in popularity in the twitter community. I had a few friends that were pretty high up in the running to win including @luckystartups and @savvyauntie. While there was some talk of ulterior motives behind the awards, I thought it just promoted a dynamic and rapidly growing community of connectors.

Show some skin: the new (ok maybe to you) workplace

They want the outside world, including clients and customers, to think that everything is ties and cubicles all around. This is a result of fear. What if our customers think we are slacking off. What if any sign of staff enjoying their work comes across as lackadaisical? Fear is driving survival. I stubmbled upon one of my new favorite quotes today rereading Seth Godin’s Linchpin. “Survival and success are not the same thing.”

Seth Godin’s Linchpin: An Unsettling Call to Be Indispensable

Linchpin could be Mr. Godin’s greatest work so far. He treats the subject with history and sociology as well as a compelling mix of fact, story and philosophy. Using examples that will both shock and inspire, Linchpin leaves you feeling like you have no choice but to reassess your current situation and make the changes he so eloquently urges us toward.

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