Connection is something I think about constantly. Connecting with others and the world. You will also see stories on love, friendship, leadership, parenting, many other things as well as general thoughts on engaging with the world around us.

But all of these come back to connection and story.

The blog was created partly as a way for me to leave thoughts on my journey and because I love to meet and interact with people who are passionate about what they do in life.  Like anything worth sharing, I desire to share what I learn along the way.

Specifics: What I do

I lead content and communications teams for various companies. I serve on a non-profit board and speak for a men’s ministry called Bootcamp NW. I also am an expert advisor for George Fox Seminary where I advise students on the technology and connectedness side of their key artifacts.

Everyone asks about the name JohnFlurry? (My given name is John Bergquist)

1 a: a gust of wind b: a brief light snowfall
2 a: a brief period of commotion or excitement

I was sitting in the woods Christmas Day 2007 trying to come up with a brand name for myself.  As I thought of names a few flakes began to fall and then more until it was a full flurry.

We all have moments when great ideas come out of nowhere.  Creativity can be like a snowstorm, still and motionless.  Then a few flakes fall and a flurry begins.

And that is how I got the name.  Plus Bergquist is just hard to spell.  You don’t even know how many times I have to say “it is GQ”.