Archive - August, 2017

Do you really know?

We never see everything as it truly is. As much clarity and understanding as we think we have, we still only see the world from a limited understanding.

Human connection is probably the best example. We are a complex result of our biology, spirit, mind, and experiences. As much as we may become familiar with another human, we are only scratching the surface of who they are. Here is an example. My wife Kristine and I were celebrating our 20th anniversary a few weeks ago. We had three nights away. By the second evening, we struck up a conversation using an app that asks different, progressively deeper questions. We both learned a lot about each other even after only ten questions. Tastes, opinions, phobias, and outlooks we never knew about each other. It helped us realize how much we still had to learn.

We can’t stop looking for new perspectives on the difficult situations, problems to solve or conflicts to resolve. No, instead we work harder to understand other points of views, read history and travel to widen our perspectives. We stay curious asking the right questions.

I think humility and confidence play important roles in this quest. We need humility to realize how little we do understand. We need confidence in our abilities to learn and grow.

We may never see each other, or the world truly as it is this side of eternity, but it is sure a great experience coming as close as we can in the meantime.

The app we used is called Let’s Talk check it out and let me know what you think on Twitter.