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A life of #FearHunting

I just finished the book #Fearhunters by Noah Elias. I have read many books on calling over the years and given dozens of talks on the topic. It is a great treatment on the topic as well as a deeper dive into helping people seek out what fears are keeping them from living the life they were meant to live.

After reading and reflecting on my own fears I have seen that, while I have gone after and overcome many fears in my life, there continue to be ones that emerge over time and still need attention. I used to be terrified of conflict. Another was failing. I think it is a lifelong journey, being a fear hunter. The great thing is that the more we go after them the smaller the fears become and the less hold they have on us living free and loving others.

Here is a short film Noah did as part of the project. In the film, he acts out some of his own fear hunting that got him to the successes he enjoys today. Check it out. As you watch, take an inventory of the fears that haunt you. Pay close attention to the ones that keep you isolated from others.

I have also listed a great resource on finding freedom and healing:

Restoration of the Heart Conference Recording

Through thick and thin

There is so much need in the world. The cool part is we get to be part of the solution. If we are willing, we can begin right in front of us with those nearest and closest and work out from there.

My oldest sister was about 11 when I was born. That is a big gap in birth order. It wasn’t very long after I was born that my mother and father split leaving my mom to raise the five of us (including me as a toddler). Many teens would resent having to take care of and spend time with a sibling so young. My sister instead, even though suffering from the pains of a broken family, chose to spend endless hours with me. She was my friend, protector, and hero.

My wife and I recently saw the new Wonder Woman movie. It reminded me so much of my sister’s caring and fierce heart. I was five when Linda Carter started playing Wonder Woman in the tv series. I could not help but relate her looks and character to my own wonder woman, my sister.

What was it that caused her to help me and others even in a time of crisis? The other option is to isolate and hide our strength, saving us from being hurt and vulnerable.

We were made to help. Helping activates a hope in us that reminds us that things will change. John Eldredge in Sacred Romance says “hope looks ahead and keeps desire alive.” In hardship, life changes or any struggle, if we step out and choose to help someone, or shift from isolation to an outward act we are brought back as if from a suffocating deep dive into the depths of pain to the surface where we can breathe again.