Encouragement is ours to give

encourageAs we have been preparing to make our big move as a family (you can read more about that here: We are leaving the country) we have been having phone calls and visits with friends to share with them what our move is all about. These have all been so fun. Often it has been a chance to catch up after a long time of being disconnected. Just about the time all the details of moving a family to the other side of the world seems so overwhelming, we have a call with friends that more than makes it all worth it. We had a call like that last night. They (you know who you are and thanks so much) were so excited for us. Thier enthusiasm, encouragement, and care was just the fuel to stoke our resolve.

We have that power. All of us do. We possess just what it takes to encourage someone. In most cases it cost us nothing at all. The benefits to us are that it turns even our largest troubles around in the moment of gratitude and lifts our spirits as we lift theirs.
We don’t have to look far for someone to encourage. Who will you delight today?

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