The worst memory

climbConnection means we will continually put ourselves at risk. Time and time again we will have to reach out, extend, take a chance at rejection.

I’ve always been fascinated with world class climbers. Recently I watched the film about Jimi Chin, Conrad Anker, Renan Ozturk’s climb of the Meru a legendary peak in the Himalayas. The film is way more than a climbing documentary. It is about mentor ship, marriage, loss, and endurance. What struck me most about the story is the relationships.

At one point Chin quotes a climber saying “the best alpinists are the ones with the worst memory. Alpine climbing is a brutal but rewarding sport. The stakes are so hi. I think in the quote “alpinists” could be replaced with friends, lovers, and relatives. Yes, we all get hurt. Along the path of connection, much of it comes with both pain and joy.

My question (and I pose this to myself as well) is not what you will do with the loss or pain but will you risk it all again? We will face trials. But best of all, no matter our age, we will continue to have the chance to connect with amazing people who will forever change our lives. And we will change theirs.

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