The stories we tell

Stove in roomPeople have sat around open fires, hearths, tables and pubs telling each other stories for millennia.

There are two types of stories that are prevalent, the inspirational and the cautionary. The first one, on purpose or not, gets people dreaming. They may have never even thought of doing something, traveling, or stepping out of their comfort zone. On hearing another person recount something extravagant can be the beginning, giving them the energy to step out on their own.

The cautionary tale, while sometimes serving a purpose, usually stops people from venturing beyond the ordinary. These are where the old fairy tales fall. They were told to keep children in line, by warning of imaginary ogres and phantasms lurking in the woods. We have modern versions of these as well. Failures or false starts can find us telling others that something can’t be done, or a dream isn’t attainable. Warning others of real danger is necessary, but more often we are passing on our unfounded fears.

What kind of stories will we choose to tell?

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