What will you do

coupleThings happen in life. People betray, disappoint or even outright hurt us. Intentionally or not we come away scarred. We make statements like “I’ll never trust again” or “I am done with love.” Even worse is when we begin to believe something untrue about ourselves, people or future relationships.

There are plenty of things that come out of these events that land us on the hard side of relating with others. Instead, what if we choose to reach out again, show up for someone, or offer love to someone in pain. It takes a lot to trust again. There is no minimizing any of these things. One action can begin to unravel many wrongs. And truthfully it may get harder before healing. Like all journeys, you have to start someplace.

And beginning here makes sense. Beginning here says “I can be trusted. I care. I will listen.”

In the process of healing, we get to be a part of someone else’s too.

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