As if no one else is around

Rear view mirrorConnecting with someone takes effort. The action comes in being fully present, mindful and focused on them and no one else. Recently my wife and I have been driving our daughter to a horse stable to ride and take care of her horse. It is about a 15-minute drive each way from our house. The ride though has turned out to be time to connect. No interruptions allow us to have the conversations that can’t happen at home or anywhere else. Sometimes we just listen to music on the drive. Often she does not begin to open up until we have driven for ten minutes or more. Other days she chatters away about the day, and I am thrilled to listen.

It becomes harder when we don’t have that time without distractions. It is too easy to lose focus and drift off in conversation. Technology is too convenient of a distraction. Before we know it, we have lost our connection.

It is a hard practice to follow but so rewarding. Acting as if the other person is the only one in the world gives us a chance to hear between the lines, the hidden pieces of their story and make a real connection. We may be the only one in their day that does it. We never can know the impact that can make on their lives.

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