Archive - November, 2015

Pay attention to the horse

I had just put my phone away in my chest pocket of my jacket and was about to put my glove back on my right hand. It was not snowing but the weather was changing fast and the sun was just about to disappear behind the mountains. The horse I was riding, Diamond Dan had never given me any problems in the 5 or 6 times I had ridden him, but today he was acting a bit jumpy. I hear people let down their guard when they become good at something. Motorcycles, flying, driving, all the accidents show that inexperience is not the killer, overconfident experts are.

My sister and my daughter had continued on our path ahead in a gallop. Dan obviously did not want to get left behind. He lunged ahead with out my command and as I held his reigns back he reacted with a decent sized crow hop lunge while breaking into a run. As I tried to gain control of him he went into a full buck. In seconds I was off the horse flying toward the dirt road. Wind knocked out of me lying there in severe pain I knew exactly what had just happened. I stopped paying attention to the horse.

I have had two weeks now to reflect on those few seconds that landed me in the hospital. I sustained no broken bones. I did though have severe bruising and my conscience was jarred awake. What else am I not paying attention to? What have I been missing. That night the distraction was taking a video. There is nothing bad about that at all. But in the circumstances it was completely the wrong thing to be doing. And in my life I have realized that there are many things that need my attention way more than all that seemed to consume me lately.

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