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You control it

You have eaten till you are sick. Bloated, dizzy, tired, and worn out, like a kid the day after halloween. You’ve stuffed yourself with every news story and social post for days. You might have even hovered over that “delete account” link.

Feed by Nat Iwata

Feed by Nat Iwata

And it doesn’t matter if it is an election cycle, holiday season or summer. We have access to an endless stream of information. Extreme cases are showing up of people who are suffering from internet addiction disorder (IAD). Every like, share, mention and comment can take over our brains just like a drug response. We end up depressed, disenchanted and actually disconnected from others.

Are you bummed out now? Well I don’t want you to be. I want you to be truly connected to others. And I want you to be able to use tools that get you there.

Over the years I have returned to the topic of what we allow into our lives via the web. There is the news stream that demands we stress out over every “they will read if it bleeds” story headline. For that I have been editing and updating how I personally stay in touch with current events. It changes often.

It is up to us. We have the control. What media, social media sites, advertisers and campaigners rely on is us being lazy. Algorithms and targeting that caters to our desires and habits lose power when we don’t give them control.

I spent today cleaning up lists on Twitter, Facebook, deleting apps and making some lists of friends that I want to reconnect with (and saying goodbye to acquaintances that have fallen to the side. There is a good post coming on that one.) And just as an example yesterday I recorded how FB displays things in my main news feed. Talk about crazy. This timeframe of friend posts being fed to me. 3hrs ago, 3hrs ago, Oct 18th, yesterday, 13 hrs ago, 23 hrs ago, 5hrs ago, 23hrs ago, 5hrs ago, Oct 18th……. it is ridiculous!

I want you to ask yourself a few questions before I end. Feel free to add answers or more questions and comments.

-How much time do you spend on any given social media?
-Have you ever thought of coming up with a personal news plan?
-Do you have relationships that need to go deeper and ones that need to fade away?

All of these platforms are incredible. All of them can be used to help others, spread great information, build important communities and enjoy real connection.

Oh and thanks to Nat Iwata for the drawing. You will see a lot more of him here since we are working on a cool secret project together. Isn’t he amazing!?

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