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Who Helps You Get Back Up?

This week I was discussing the video below with one of my best friends Chris Skaggs, a real trenchmate if there ever was one. One learned quickly in the world is that we get thrown off our plans. And we get thrown often. I don’t care if you are setting out to be a good wife or husband, parent, friend or starting a new business. You get thrown more than you really like or could have ever imagined. Yes there are those that have success right out of the gate but believe me I don’t know anyone that has not eventually experienced failures, disruptions and devastation.

I have been tracking the launch of John Eldredge’s latest book with his oldest son Blaine called Killing Lions. In the online magazine his three boys recently launched and the video series to go with the book, they have been exploring the steps a young man takes to manhood. In the third video called The Right Decision, they document the grueling pain and discouragement of “lions”. The obstacles and challenges we all face in life.

In the film the narrator says, ‘in life there are lions we choose to face, and then there are lions that come out of no-where” like being thrown off a plan in our pursuit of something great. The lions are not what define us but how we deal with them.

The guys are on a long mt. bike ride through Utah’s Moab desert. What happens next is an unexpected fall for one of their friends, Naz. The fall is not his fault either. It is one of those “out of no where” lions. What really makes the difference is John’s words of encouragement, guidance, truth and love. His dialogue with Naz, the young friend is priceless.

Naz: I just wanted to finish.
John: You will. You will. Look at me. The trip is not over. It’s not over yet


I feel so fortunate to have many trenchmates who speak those same words. They help me get back up and back at it……every day. If you don’t have any go find some. Invite them in. Is it risky? Of course it is. But they are worth more than all the riches in the world.

Thanks John Eldredge and sons for reminding us.

You can watch the film here: