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Wes Roberts: Connectors Series

This is the 2nd post in a series on connectors. Read the 1st one about C.C. Chapman here.

This past month Wes Roberts and I started communicating daily. We’ve known each of each other in the digital realm for a few years and have so many mutual friends (dozens in fact). But through mindfulness Wes took a step further recently and offered up his time and best of all his heart.

wesI speak often on the subject of the stages of men’s lives from boyhood to death. One thing I have realized is that it is rare to find a man that is truly alive in his “sage” years (60s and up). Too often I see down turned eyes of resignation, regret and sadness. Many men have given up or relish in a lifetime of stored up treasures, giving little back. I have found a few that are out-competing their earthly bodies, racing to the finish line with vigorous excitement only to be matched by a young boys aggression and love for adventure. Wes is one of those men.

I’ve lost many of the wise men in my life to death and circumstance. Wes surprised me by offered up love, wisdom, and a watchful eye over my life. Best of all he offered sagely friendship. I answered YES!

This could easily be a post on mentorship, something Wes knows so much about. But really it is more about mindfulness, time and living. As a recent Fast Company article stated, there is always time for mentoring someone. Building margin into our lives to connect is a simple decision. It is one many of us forfeit for something else. I’m no innocent here. I get stuck in cycles of busyness to often.

C.S Lewis in one of my favorite of his writing said “…our merriment must be of that kind (and it is, in fact, the merriest kind) which exists between two people who have, from the outset, taken each other seriously- no flippancy, no superiority, no presumption”

Thank you Wes for taking so many souls seriously.

Wes’ Leadership Design Group is located in Denver Colorado and serves many leaders throughout the world with creative mentorship.


C.C. Chapman: 1st in a series on connectors

I first met C.C. Chapman through Cast of Dads. My friend Jeff Sass had first introduced me to the podcast and I was drawn to CC’s heart as a fellow dad. Anyone who follows him anywhere on the web quickly learns how much the man delights in his family. It is authentic and touching. It is also refreshing when most headlines highlight broken marriages, walkout parents and selfishness over trustworthiness and commitment.

cc-sox-smileI am not sure when our friendship went deeper but about a year ago it became common for us to check in and connect just about daily (mainly on twitter but often on Facebook as well). It reminds me that we need those daily touches in our lives. Someone who gets us and we can turn to when life hits a bump or even when we have something to celebrate.

Having friends like CC really keeps us grounded and optimistic. He and I have so many common interests from photography, storytelling, humanitarian efforts and writing (and that is just the short list). And in many ways we find ourselves in the same trenches. One of CC’s most recent podcast really sums upmercybracelet the reason why I so enjoy my friendship with him. So much is going wrong in the world. It is one reason I don’t allow myself to get swallowed up by the mainstream medias parade of bad news. Most of all it keeps me connecting with good folks like CC.

I highly recommend getting to know CC. Check out his latest collaboration highlighted in his post When a Crazy Idea Becomes a Beautiful Reality. It really illustrates his heart.

And CC, thanks for adding to my life daily!