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He turns 13

Even though I have known it has been approaching, my son’s 13th birthday has really taken me by surprise. It has also made me think about how the most important connections we make are with those we are closest with.

On October 24th 2000 my life changed so much.  I will never forget the love I felt for him the second the doctor handed him to me. His birth was not at all how we had planned. Kristine’s pregnancy was healthy but we got those surprising words “surgery” when we were expecting a normal delivery. He had to be rushed into intensive care immediately. The doctor honestly briefed us that he would be fighting for his life every minute of first week. On a lone drive back to our house that week a rush of emotions hit me like I had never experienced before.  I knew that if my boy pulled through I would do everything in my power to be the best dad he could possibly have.

photoAll these years later he has grown into one of the most caring and smart people I know. He has taught me to slow down and enjoy nature when life gets too busy. He regularly stands up for anyone being left out or bullied. And now he is teaching me all about physics.

But as I think about all that is ahead of him in his teens, his 20s, 30 and beyond I can only reflect back on that moment alone in my car. No one really knew if he would live. I had spent hours next to him praying and hoping for the best.

But now I know the most valuable thing I have is my connection with him. I know that it is often just my presence at the right times that matter most. Knowing I am there or available when he needs me has proven to be the difference between success and failure so many times.

So today he is healthy, strong and no where near as delicate as he was that frightful first week. I still have that deep heartfelt commitment to be the best for him.

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Happy birthday son!

Are you gushing over?

I had just sat down to lunch after a morning of biking up the steep roads and narrow streets of Guanajuato, Mexico. I was very hungry. I was also thrilled to know we would be eating some great cafe food. In front of me was a plate of wonderful local tacos and quesadillas. That alone was enough. But then it all changed for the better. fullWhat was missing was my favorite mexican sauce. Before I could ask for it a big bucket, (yes bucket), of tomatillo verde sauce was placed on the table equipped with a cup sized serving ladle. I had more than enough to make my meal complete.

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.”  – Socrates

In connecting we do our best work when we are doing it from a place of abundance. The opposite is true when we are busy and stressed. Socrates said “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” Just like the sauce on the table, where I had more than enough to make my meal perfect, when my cup is full I notice more about others, I feel energized to get to know people. We only get there from guarding our time, resources and above all else, our hearts. Second we get there by filling up on things that replenish and equip us.

Are you gushing over with abundance for others?