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Disruptive Technology: Guest post by AJ Leon

In continuing the very popular disruption series, I asked my good friend AJ Leon of to share a recent story from his work he and his wife did in Malawi for Water Aid out of the UK. I first met AJ and Melissa at SOBcon NW.  We soon realized that we have many common friends throughout the world. What I love most about these two dynamic people is that they are always tweaking, learning and upping the stakes when it comes to technology and what it can do for the world.  In a couple of weeks I will have my nephew CJ Adams talk about how criminals are often way more savvy than us when it comes to technology. We need more people like the Leons to counter that. So with that I turn it over to AJ.  Oh and to find out more you can see their debriefing on Malawi.


Disruptive Technology in Malawi from AJ Leon on Vimeo.

Friends or Professionals?

Yesterday I was having dinner with a few people, one of which was Chris Skaggs. He was getting to know my friend, cinematographer Sean Brown. We had just finished a full day shoot for a Kickstarter film. Chris asked me if Sean and I knew each other as professionals or friends? I asked if there was really a difference. Chris replied, “for you there isn’t. But that isn’t normal.”

I am still wondering why that is. Yes, I am one of those super connectors. Every personality I have taken indicates it. I constantly make new friends and connect others. I easily become friends with those I do business with. But why doesn’t everyone? Is it because most people want to keep a dividing wall between work and private life? Is it because they hate their jobs? Do they not want to have leaks between the two?

I have been there before. I understand that. But even in jobs that were not well fitted for me I felt a pull to become close friends with co-workers and clients. Part of it comes down to personality. But I do think there is something deeper going on here.

I think it is ultimately because we all make comfortable establishments against anxiety and change. We do this in all the sectors of our lives. In many ways these structures allow us to be different people in specific situations. It feels safe. Getting to know more people in a deeper way, many of them in our professional lives, destroys those barriers we have so carefully built. People challenge or disrupt comforts or assumptions we have made about ourselves and the world.

So what about you? If you were to survey your friends, professional colleagues, co-workers and clients, would they be the same people or completely different groups? Why or why not?

Busy with my own world domination

This weekend I kept seeing friends post from Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit here in Portland. While I felt a bit regretful for not going I had to remind myself that I really did not have the time or space right now. I am busy executing my own world changing plans as well as making new ones.  I really enjoyed seeing some of the biggest change agents today that I personally know tell their stories. What excites me the most is hearing some for probably the first time decide to step out of their comfort zones and make their own world changing plans.

So here is a shout out to good friends already out there and an even bigger one to the friends just showing up on the scene. Go make it happen. Find someone who will disrupt you daily and keep you on track. I have only come this far because of friends like that.

And if you have not read Guillebeau’s The Art of Non-Conformity, I highly recommend it. It made me mad the first time I read it, mainly because it exposed dreams I did not feel were possible. I am now doing those exact things.

Here is C.C. Chapman’s Flickr Slideshow I have been enjoying as the weekend rolled by.