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Looking forward

This week my daughter was so excited for a 4 day sleepover that she packed a week in advance and every day gave me an update on how many days were left till her giggle fest began.  Is there anything on your horizon that you are that excited about?

Every week I look forward to skype meetings, phone calls and the best of all, lunch meeting with friends both new and old. I see these not as just chances to catch up or meet new people but as opportunities for something great.

Each one has holds a chance for collaboration, connection and (ok this might sound corny but ….) adventure. Today was just like that. It was another exciting Skype call with a friend and new collaborator that will lead to possibly one of the biggest business deals in a long time.

So what events, meetings, calls or lunches are you looking forward to.

I have at least 6 planned for the next two weeks.

Disruptive People: those who usher us to change

This is the second post in a series on disruption. I had planned to write about disruptive people first but there was such an outpouring of disruption stories after the introductory post that I decided to put it second in line. However, each of those stories shared had a person in them that could be considered disruptive. Tact aside, even the most blunt person can be used to guide us along in our personal and professional growth. I was reminded this weekend by my friend David Stanley about John Eldredge’s description of how disruptive Jesus is. In his book Beautiful Outlaw Eldredge puts it so well,

“His honesty and severity are measured out precisely, according to the amount of delusion and self-deception encasing his listener. When a soul is encrusted with pride, bigotry, self-righteousness, and intellectual elitism…..then that shell does need to be struck hard at times in order to cause a crack that might allow some light in. Jesus strikes with the precision of Michelangelo.”

I go into this in greater detail in the video. Who is the most disruptive person in your life that has caused you to change for the better. After all, as a connector I am able to amplify and connect those who are on a path of exposing their truest self. The more we allow disruption to change us the more we are able to change our world.

Disruption and Positive Change

This is the first post in a series on disruption.

Last week I announced that I was working on a series of posts about disruption. I had planned to to make the first post on disruptive people. After watching Ken Goldberg’s TED talk on what Robots can teach us about being human I decided instead to post on disruption that resulted in positive change. In the talk Ken shares about losing his dad to cancer at the age of forty-five. That disruption triggered a passion for him to not only to become an engineer like his dad but eventually help multitudes with his work at Berkley.  I’ll leave the rest of my thoughts for the video post I just shot. Oh and thank you so much for the transparent stories shared on both Twitter and Facebook. If you feel compelled please re-share them here in the comments.


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