Archive - November, 2011

Projecting on others

What are we projecting on others of our own experiences? I went to sleep with this on my mind last night.  This morning I take my children to a new school.  We have spent a good deal of time making our current move away from our home town as enjoyable and easy as possible for our kids.  Starting a new school is a tough one.  We drove by the the school the day after Thanksgiving and pointed out the playground.  We told them how wonderful we thought their new teachers are.  We assured them they would have a buddy to show them around the first day and that we would make sure they were settled before we left.  But there was still an uneasiness I felt as I thought about the coming morning last night.

Growing up I moved over eleven times.  I attended five different elementary schools. Just when I was getting comfortable at one school I would have to start all over with new friends and surroundings.  I like the fact that we have lived as a family in one town over the last fourteen years.  That was my experience though not my children’s.  I was projecting all of that on their new day at a new school.

What do we project on others we are connected with? Customers, close friends, co-workers and employees all have had their own journeys that believe it or not are very different from our own.  Are we adding to their story or cluttering it unknowingly with our own perceptions and baggage, good or bad.  It is a good question to ask when anyone we know is facing a change, challenge or opportunity.

Taking a break

It has been nearly a month since my last post.  I took a deliberate break for a few reasons.

Some big transitions are in the works.

My wife started her new career as a special education teacher.  You can read her blog where she writes not only about special ed but all about overcoming life’s obstacles.  We are moving to be closer to our work as well and the one thing that has really required me to walk away from the blog most is my team at Soma Games is launching a new game calles Wind Up Robots.

For a couple of days I struggled with not posting.  A year ago after reading Gary Vaynerchuk‘s Crush It I decided to make the goal of posting consistently for a year.  Then after a year I would decide if this blog was something I wanted to continue.  October was the anniversary of that goal and I am even more passionate about this blog than I was a year ago.  I have long list of posts I still want to write.

The last reason I took a break was I was feeling a bit burned out. I needed to step back and reassess my own communication.  In my last post I wrote that I was planning to do an audit.  Here is what I found.  Like before I realized that I needed to rengage with those in my inner circle.  They are the ones I turn to most for many reasons. Because of busyness and the general blessings of an ever widening tribe, I had begun to lose connection with the core people in my life.

In order to reconnect I got out my tool box and found some ways to make sure I know what that inner circle is doing.  I started reading their blogs again.  I kept up on their social media updates before I read anything else.  I will post in detail how I did that but the main thing I continually learn is that to grow and sustain a community both online and in the real world, we need to invest, engage and participate.

Next week I will begin regular posting.  Have a great Thanksgiving.