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Why share with one when you can share with the world?

Are you letting the world get a glimpse of your work?

A friend of mine Regina Iovino who owns a catering business (Let me pause here to say she is one the most incredible caterers in the world-no kidding) had something funny to share the other day. In the past I have helped her dabble in reaching her tribe. She knows that getting the news out to the world through the web is critical to her success, but like many small business owners she struggles with the balance of limited resources and time.

Fostering a culture of honor

I have co-lead a volunteer ministry with a group of men for about five years now. In that time we’ve developed a culture of honor. We have standards we hold each other to, and as we all walk in life together and challenge each other to grow, we also are witnesses to each other’s impact. Something that has come out of that is a desire to honor each others achievements. This isn’t a group affirmation thing. It is an honest celebration of the good we see happening in each others lives, and the weightiness of it for good in the world.
As I posted in the previous entry, people who are doing good things need to be ……..

Noticing good

There is always so much going on around us that we don’t have eyes to see. People are innovating and creating great art. Instead we spend our time pointing out the negative. We are slighted in a customer service exchange or something is wrong with our order. We are quick to complain. What we often seem to not do is notice good.

The Unboxed You

Something I have always had a hard time with is how we all try to define someone. We all do it. We meet someone and we place them in a box, label it and then limit the ways we interact based on the presence or absence of shared beliefs and opinions.
Personally we learn throughout life to filter what we say because we have learned that we will be accepted or rejected based on who others think we are. You could say we learn to be accepted or get ahead in life by posing. Everyone does it to some degree.

What happens then when we can’t hide behind a facade? Enter the age of social media and online profiles. Yes you can be carefully scripted with your online content but I have noticed that as people become comfortable sharing online, they also relax some of those filters, especially if they are involved in a trusted tribe. You begin to see a more accurate picture of the person.

Connecting others

Several years into social networking now, I am becoming less surprised by the connections between people in my network.This is not about social networking though, although it amplifies the process by a magnitude. I have been connecting people my whole life.

Treat them well: earning trust, even as a big brand

Today, our world is both community thirsty and wary of corporate promises. How do we earn the trust of our community, especially as a large corporation or big brand?

Deleting Online

Will we get sued? Will someone not do business with us? Will we upset someone?

These are valid questions. They will go through your mind before and after you post a youtube video that is at the edge of what your company might deem acceptable, or you post a tweet or a blog title that is slightly critical of another brand.

Meet me in meatspace today?

Meatspace, it is a great term my friend Chris uses. He describes meeting someone in person either known or for the first time. I love it because it vividly expresses what we often miss when connecting today.

People on twitter are stupid

OK first, I did not say that.  It was said in a recent conversation I had while attending a conference.  The person who said it does not use twitter and the only time they view twitter is through the main site feed or occasional mentions via mass media.  I commented back that just looking at the main feed is like turning on a device and trying to listen to every radio station and TV channel, then topping it off with eavesdropping on thousands of phone calls.  If that is how you use it, then yes, there are plenty of stupid people on twitter.

Instead, find your niche, your tribe or simply the channel you want to tune into.  It can be a cluttered time waste or a valuable way to receive information, communicate and change the world.

I have listed some ways I use twitter on my  Twitter Tag.  I invite you to check them out.  I guarantee there are plenty of smart people out there for those that want to look.