Archive - May, 2010

Two years since: looking back on my Twitter anniversary

Today it has been two years since I started using Twitter. As I started to reflect on what it has meant to me, I realized I could not single out simple descriptions.To me it is like asking what does the telephone do for you. So rather than make a long list I’d like to ask you about the good, (if you know me, you know I love using the tool) and the bad. Tell me your stories. I had no idea where it would have taken me two years later.  If you want to know when you joined ( as well as the odd thing you first said ) then go to

Surprised by HARO: help a reporter & a friend out

When I first heard about or HARO for short, I thought it might be a good service to check out for the brand communities I work with. What surprised me is what resulted after using it for a week. I found myself sending multiple story leads to friends in my network. I had signed up to find ways to promote my brands, but more than anything, it has turned out to be a valuable tool for my network.

Can you leverage world change?

We need our innovators, our big thinkers and experts in business, medicine, arts and every other sector of our society to take it upon themselves and change things. A nano-program is a great way to start. Can we afford to leave it up to our institutions to do it for us?

Move along, nothing to see here: what is your response to free promotion?

The businesses and connections in my network throughout the country are thrilled if you share their link, take a picture, leave a review (good or bad). They see it as free and sharable promotion. How wold you or your employees react if given the same opportunity?