Archive - April, 2010

The necessary all call: go ahead and use it

Yes “all calls” are annoying, when we can’t filter them out. We live near a car parts lot, and every day they used to make loud announcements from the classic horn. This became intrusive, if you were anywhere outside your house. I have not noticed it for a long time. It may be that I have just filtered it out.

Reengaging in conversation: It is still there, you’ve just lost it

Over the last few weeks I have seen noticeable drop in conversations on Twitter. At first I thought it was because people were not engaging as much. A few friends began to comment about the same issue. I began to wonder if it was not the result of us not engaging others first. After all, if we go to a party no one will talk back if all we do is listen to dozens of conversations and never engage.

iPad experience for community leaders: Better with each new discovery

Like many, I have been researching the iPad on it’s rumor filled journey to debut. As a web technology and community professional, I have been looking forward to the iPad to supplement my other productivity tools. I was not prepared for what the iPad would offer.