Archive - February, 2010

Who is defining new media Shorty?

Last year the Shorty awards began to swell in popularity in the twitter community. I had a few friends that were pretty high up in the running to win including @luckystartups and @savvyauntie. While there was some talk of ulterior motives behind the awards, I thought it just promoted a dynamic and rapidly growing community of connectors.

Show some skin: the new (ok maybe to you) workplace

They want the outside world, including clients and customers, to think that everything is ties and cubicles all around. This is a result of fear. What if our customers think we are slacking off. What if any sign of staff enjoying their work comes across as lackadaisical? Fear is driving survival. I stubmbled upon one of my new favorite quotes today rereading Seth Godin’s Linchpin. “Survival and success are not the same thing.”