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Flurry Top: 2009


I  am always surprised to discover what people value most in a blog post.  You never know what people are going to enjoy reading and thus comment or spread.  I really find it amusing that some of the posts that were actually knee jerk reactions, written in a few moments, actually ended up being the best conversation starters.  So here are my posts from this year that had the most conversations.  After all it is simply about community.

This one was interesting.  I never realized this would be a hot topic.  I still believe we need to have our own filters.  I still use the ones mentioned here.   @lessallan ‘s response and reaction blog post was the most interesting.

I was accused by a friend of using scare tactics to get restaurants to use new media in the midst of the downturn.  That really was not my intention.  I came from a restaurant family.  My father started his career way back with Sambo’s in Santa Barbara and eventually founded Shari’s Restaurants.  Restaurant owners have a special place in my heart and the tools at their hands are simply amazing.

This is probably my favorite post from the year.  With the glut of “experts” we are all getting good at spotting the snake oil and those that sell it.  Luckily I have been able to become friends with people who are genuine guides.  We are even talking about starting a Social Media Brigade of sorts.

Getting my news in a way that I feel is efficient and effective is still a work in progress for me.  I am using google reader more these days, and I have to admit that I still get most of my articles from either twitter or facebook.  I trust my friends to bring me the headlines instead of CNN.

I continue to be passionate about tribes.  Helping others build community or find a nascent tribe is still what I enjoy most.  Ning is still the most powerful tool for organizations to mobilize their followers.  I am curious what will emerge in 2010 though.

Let me know your favorites.

Listening Part 3: Action

Since Conversing is much more than words, we must listen to one’s life and internal movements in order to engage in their lives… we determine our purposeful response based partly on their life and words and partly on what we choose to say, to do or even merely to be in the context of that information.

Listening Part 2: Focus

The most important person in the world is always the one right in front of us. We have to focus. Without it we are not listening.

Shut Up: stop talking and really listen

That is something my mother always taught to us not to say. It fits here though. I find that the best listeners are quiet. To some people (I’ll admit I am one) they seem to not be interested in what we are saying. We are so used to others interrupting us as well as diving in to the joint-pontification we all easily participate in.